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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Julian better than Gregorian

Top ten reasons why celebrating Christmas according to the Julian calendar is better than Gregorian calendar Christmas (January 7 instead of December 25)

10. You begin – not end – the year with Christmas

9. You really get “twelve days of Christmas” – up to a whole month in the homeland

8. Financial advantage: do all your gift shopping at post-Xmas sales

7. Consistent with Ukrainian propensity to being constantly late

6. Christmas caroling – make money while singing and drinking

5. The police have ended their Christmas drinking and driving blitz (unless the officer is Ukrainian)

4. Pick up a pre-tinseled Christmas tree – for free off your neighbor’s front lawn

3. Take a day off work as religious holiday and go to church

2. Enjoy healthy, twelve-course meatless meal for the body and soul over several hours

1. You end up celebrating Christmas and New Years twice a year anyway!

Христос Раждається! Славімо Його!