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Thursday, May 8, 2008

17: Dr. Ironfist’s $17 bln blow

Specialists from the Klitschko Bloc estimate that each Kyivan has lost around Hr 25,000 ($5,000) in a year of rule under Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky. The Bloc’s press service told LIGABiznesInform that the value of land that was sold off “dirt cheap to various structures amount to, at a minimum, to Hr 85 billion ($17 bln).
During the scandalous Kyiv Rada session of Oct. 1 2007 alone, 4% of city land was doled out, with a market value of Hr 50 billion.
“The city budget received crumbs from that amount with most of the money sitting the the pockets of the dealmakers. If that wealth was distributed among all Kyivans – from children to pensioners – than every capital city resident would get close to 25 thousand hryvnia.”
The Klitschko Bloc promises to increase per resident wealth from several hundred hryvnia to several thousand hryvnia per year, if their man and political force are elected on May 25.

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