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Saturday, May 3, 2008

21: Katerynchuk’s 38% potential

Mayoral candidate Mykola Katerynchuk estimates that 38% of the vote in the capital city is still up for grabs. His electoral math, according to a May 3 report on UNIAN, can be summed as follows:

Chernovetsky 25%
Klitschko 20
Turchynov 10
Omelchenko 7
Only 62%!

“The absolute majority of the remaining 38% of voters have not made up their minds. I consider this to be my reserve,” said Katerynchuk, whose Ken doll face adorns the European Party of Ukraine’s propaganda together with EU’s yellow stripes.

Media reported Katerynchuk as promising to extend metro subway operating hours until 2 AM if elected mayor. Mayoral and city council elections in Kyiv will be held in three weeks: on Sunday, May 25.

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