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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bush in UA: Local Slang & Slogans

Office of the Press Secretary

April 1, 2008

President Bush and President Yushchenko Exchange Luncheon Toasts
Presidential Secretariat, Kyiv, Ukraine (excerpt)

President Bush: …Laura and I are honored to sit with you on Ukrainian soil, and we bring the greetings of the American people, or as you'd say, "Vitaiyu Vas” (Laughter and Applause.)

It’s not quite the “Boritesya poboryty” Bill Clinton managed to mondo when he was in Kyiv in June of 2000. But Bush can also say "Holodomor". In my books, Ukrainians are still waiting for the US president who can manage the “Svoboda narodam! Svoboda lyudyni” 1943 tongue-twister after a couple...

Full US White House version:

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