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Friday, April 11, 2008

Photo of Bandera family, late 1930s

courtesy of Baba Oksana (far right) in Stryj. The blonde boy in the center is Bohdan, the youngest of four Bandera brothers, whose exact fate is unkown...


Jest nas Wielu said...

Hi, Stepan,

I think it’s impossible to you to remember me, but I make an interview with you in Kyiv in 1992 (I think), It was before (or after), you make an presentation for UNSO public, an office on Bohdan Hmelnicky street near University Taras Shevchenko. I was a young guy with a photographer…

Well, any way, right now I’m lived in Africa and I have make a Portuguese speaking blog “Ukraine in Africa” (Ucrânia em África). I hope that you will not be angry, because I have used the photo of Bandera family in my blog.

Also I have published link to your blog into my page, and I will by very happy, if you can do the same for my page.

Any way,
Best rgds,

Jest nas Wielu said...

Same information in Portuguese: