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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Putin’s father fought for Nazis: Suvorov

In 2003, Polish media reported that KGB defector Victor Suvorov (Vladimir Rizun) found documents and pictures in London which show that the Russian president’s father served in the Nazi-collaborating army led by Russian general Vlasov. Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin was apparently captured by British forces, but not before he helped crush the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. (In the photo above, Putin’s father is identified as the man on the far left.) Russian media spun the story to say that Putin Sr. was really like beloved Soviet fictional television hero Otto von Stirlitz, a Russian agent who had infiltrated the Nazi security service.

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Anonymous said...

seems like the trend will continue and will result in even bigger amount of such publications. Soon out in the press! Rush to read it! Lenin's father is count Dracula; Tymoshenko's grandmother is an heir to British Crown! and so on

Steve Bandera said...

Anonymous, you're right... Putin and the FSB are experts at this kind of game - if you read the post below, you'll see that your "trend prediction" has already come true!