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Saturday, April 12, 2008

44: Orthodox bishop to run for Regions, not Communists

The head of the Party of the Regions Kyiv city organization Vasyl Horbal announced the “first five” on his political force’s list for the snap Kyiv city council elections. Horbal will head the list that also incude:

2. Dmytri Tabchnyk (neo-Soviet historian, proponent of federalism)
3. Inna Bogoslovska (formerly of pro-Kuchma, Pinchuk-backed political projects)
4. Vladika Pavel (see below)
5. Mikhail Reznikovich (on-again-off-again director of the awkwardly-named Lesia Ukrayinka Russian Language Drama Theater, where Tabachnyk’s wife Tetyana Nazarova works as an actress.)

Horbal said that some Communists were the source of earlier rumors that the Orthodox Church hierarch was planning to run for the Marxists-Leninists, According to In the March 2006 elections, the Regions won 16 of 120 seats in Kyiv city council.
Recall that Karl Marx stated that “religion is the opiate of the people” and that Lenin’s Bolsheviks spent 70 years pillaging churches, re-opening them as atheist museums and killing million of clergy and laity.
His Eminence Pavel (Lebid) is the Archbishop of Vyshgorod (just outside Kyiv) and the Father Superior at the “Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra,” a.k.a. the Monastery of the Caves, guarded by warrior monks from the Rus Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

The word “cave” is a handy mnemonic for remembering how to pronunce Ukraine’s capital city name in the Ukrainian language. “Cave” is to “Kyiv” what “key-ev” or “key-eff” is to “Kiev.”
To further extend the allegory of “Kyiv-Cave” one need not look beyond Plato’s Republic to understand what is happening in Ukrainian politics: before finding the truth, one needs separate it from the false reality and the manufactured truth. With the voters as the cavemen.

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