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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

41: 28 candidates and counting

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The Kyiv election commission has already registered 28 (!) candidates for the capital city mayoral race – but that’s not all. Commission head Halyna Bilyk said the commission has until April 19th to register all candidates: “around 140” submitted applications by the April 15 deadline.

In other news, the New York Times ran a piece about heavyweight boxing champ and mayoral candidate Vitali Klitschko. The article includes a poll conducted by the “Institut Goroda” described as an “analytical research center in Kiev” by journalist Vincent Mallozi. This reporter has never heard of the Institute and efforts to find a website for “Institut Goroda” or “Institut Mista” (as it would be in Ukrainian), proved fruitless. That poll suggests the following breakdown:

Klitschko 29.8%
Chernovetsky 14.6
Omelchenko 9.0

Other poll results revealed in Kyiv on Tuesday, by another unrecognizable polling organization, suggests the following breakdown (poll conducted March 22-26, 2,006 respondents, 2.2% error margin according to the UNIAN news agency:

Undecided 18.5%
Klitschko 17
Turchynov (Tymoshenko) 16.6
Chernovetsky 16.1
Horbal (Regions) 7.1
Pylypyshyn (Lytvyn) 4.8
Katerynchuk (Orange-ish) 2.9
Martyniuk (Commie) 2.8

Also on Tuesday Orthodox Archbishop Pavel denied that he will run for any political force in the elections. But the Communist Party’s press service showed the media a handwritten declaration by His Eminency that suggests the prelate was seriously considering running for political office. (copy of letter above)


Taras said...


As a Kyiv mayoral election watcher, I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll!

Fairvote - Instant Runoff said...

This poll shows a completely different result.

What is clear is that the person elected as Mayor will not represent an absolute majority. The one round first-past-the-post system needs to be replaced with a one round preferential voting system (Lasd referred to as Instant Runoff) One round same result as the two round system at half the cost.

Voters markt their ballot papers 1,2,3 etc in order of preference. if no one party/candidate has a majority (50% or more) then the lowest polling candidates are excluded and their votes are redistributed in order of the preference nominated by the voter. This process continues until a candidate has obtained 50% or more votes.